After 4 years in Flanders, FoodWIN is reaching out to Wallonia! 

Written on 14 August 2020 · 0 mins, 59 secs

We love food too much to let it go to waste, no matter which language it speaks ;-). Therefore FoodWIN is crossing the language border and rolling out its activities across all of Belgium. Noémie De Clercq will lead our launch in Wallonia and is starting off with fighting food waste in canteens. In Flanders, we have now successfully supported 20 canteens and want to transfer that expertise to Wallonian canteens. Do you work in a company with an in-house restaurant? Do you know a healthcare facility (hospital, elderly home,...) or a school who could do with some help reducing food waste? Reach out to Noémie!


Who is Noémie? 

Her huge love for food stems from the restaurant of her mother where she grew up. This passion she put in practice by launching her own food truck with frozen yogurt. Later she was head of the catering counter and internal kitchen at Färm. 

Noemie is now highly motivated to develop FoodWIN’s actions in Wallonia. Together with the experience of Jasmien, FoodWIN’s canteen expert in Flanders, Noemie will put all her skills at work to support Wallonian canteens in their fight against food waste.