Description of the project

REFRESH focuses on the reduction of avoidable waste and improved valorisation of food resources. Backed by research to better understand the drivers of food waste, the project supports better decision-making by industry and individual consumers. The project takes an innovative, systemic approach to curb food waste through a holistic “Framework for Action”. REFRESH builds on and goes beyond existing initiatives to develop, evaluate, and ensure the spread of social, technological, and organisational insights and practices related to food waste. This is underpinned with guidance to legislators and policy-makers to help support effective governance to tackle food waste.

Goals of the project

REFRESH is aimed at solutions to food waste in Europe through pilot projects and strategic agreements involving different stakeholders. This project will ultimately provide elements for the formulation of policy recommendations and support to national governments for the implementation of food waste reduction frameworks. Finally, REFRESH is also focused on fostering technological innovation to answer to food waste challenges in Europe.

Role of FoodWIN

FoodWIN will organise a gathering of food waste innovators in Berlin to promote exchange of experiences and foster collaboration.
→ Strategy implementation → Entrepreneurship/social innovation