Restjesredders Meetjesland

The ‘Restjesredders’ project tackles food waste in the Flemish region of Meetjesland. “Restjesredders” is Flemish for “Wastesavers”. The wastesavers organise several rescue operations in the region:

On farmer’s fields: people from Meetjesland collect leftover crops (gleaning). Their harvest is donated to the food bank or is used to host charity dinners.   

At home: inhabitants from Meetjesland bring their leftover food to a Food Exchange Café. There they exchange it for some other delicious food and learn tips & tricks to reduce food waste at home.

At school: pupils, teachers and kitchen staff investigate food waste at school and in the food chain. Through workshops,  a measurement week and an innovation day, they become aware of the problem and find solutions to it.  

Role of FoodWIN


  • is co-promotor and co-creator of the project,
  • supports Natuurpunt Meetjesland and partners for the gleaning and Food Exchange Café’s,  
  • coaches schools during the measurement  process and  the innovation day.

Take a look at the factsheet! (Dutch)

More information about gleaning! (English)