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18th March 2020

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The Food Waste Fest will be a day to take your food waste fight to the next level.
To get there, we focus on:

NETWORKING: creating strong connections between food waste problems and solutions,
MOTIVATION: igniting a can-do attitude towards fighting food waste shared by all players in the Belgian food chain,
KNOWLEDGE: sharing learnings and best-practices of pioneers.


Why they think you should join:

  • Testimonial
    Tristram Stuart, Author of "Waste", founder of Feedback Global

    FoodWIN has been mining the global mountain of food waste for years now, and has produced innumerable precious jewels that would otherwise have been wasted. The Food Waste Fest is an essential hub for great minds, entrepreneurs and decisionmakers to help each other upcycle the tragedy of food waste into and economic and environmental opportunity.

  • Testimonial
    Herr & Frau Seele, Food Waste Advocates

    Het zou een automatisme moeten zijn van iedereen om geen voedsel te verspillen. Food Waste Fest geeft visibiliteit, maar vooral uitwisseling van ideeën.

  • Testimonial
    Carina Millstone, CEO Feedback Global

    The Food Waste Fest is THE food waste event of the year- the place to go to meet all the movers and shakers who’ve come up with exciting new ways to end the scourge of food waste. Do not miss it.

  • Testimonial
    Thomas Candeal, International Food Waste Coalition

    If you are looking for a place where you can get to know what has been the latest progress, what will be our next challenges who is doing what and where the innovation can come from to reduce food waste, then you should participate in the food waste fest. It's also a community that is gathered to better share and develop active network you need for your projects.

  • Testimonial
    Jonas Malisse, Too Good To Go, Winner of Food Waste Awards 2019

    Het winnen van de Food Waste Awards is geen overwinning voor ons, maar een overwinning voor iedereen die zich collectief inzet om voedselverspilling drastisch te verminderen. Fantastisch om te zien hoeveel verschillende initiatieven er overal onstaan!

Food Waste Fest

Results in 2019

Connections between food waste problems and solutions
Press articles
Votes on the Food Waste Awards

The Food Waste Fair


Too Good To Go is an app and a movement against food waste. They couple consumers to food retailers that can sell their unsold goods at the end of the day for a smaller price. Next year, they promise to rescue 1 million meals from the bin.


The then canteens of the Flemish government performed a baseline measurement and managed to prevent their food waste with concrete actions. By 2025, they aspire to reduce their food waste further with 30%. They were also crowned the 'Ultimate Food Waste Hero' through a live vote by the audience.


In South-West Flanders, an umbrella organisation of 14 local "OCMW's" and the CAW is committed to rescueing fresh food from retail and farms. Under Food Act 13, they rescue 200 tons of food waste on a yearly basis, which they redistribute to social organisations and people with financial difficulties. 

Bio Bakkerij De Trog

In the category of food companies, the biological bakery proved most innovative, by turning their waste streams into new products. Last year they launched a beer on the basis of their unsold bread, this year they came out with croustinis. They hope to be back with another project in 2020.