5 tips for reducing food waste during Christmas holidays

Okay, we know you’ve been mouthwatering the past weeks by the thought of the dinner table over Christmas or any other feast you may throw around this time. We’re with you, grandma’s croquettes and your aunts’ deserts are some of the most memorable tastes of the year. So, by no means would we want to be the party pooper.
However, our gut tells us there is definitely a hump in that food waste graph during the holiday season. This is of course a pity… for our wallet, our environment, and all nutrients that go to waste to name a few. And from a consumer perspective, there is actually a lot we can do. So keep the following tips in mind, and we promise you will enjoy the party even more!

The preparations

First of all, prepare your groceries in advance. Think of how much to buy and buy better products. Local, seasonal food is more likely to have the best taste, a better warranty for the success of your recipes. Also, don’t go the shop on an empty stomach. EVER. The supermarket is a dangerous place for tummies with hungry eyes. To make the grocery planning a little easier next year, keep a list of three things:

  1. What amount of food you bought for how many people
  2. How much money the shopping bill was
  3. What was left

Afterwards, you can easily calculate how much an average guest at your table eats and what the cost is of what’s left. That way you can shop more economically next year, and you’re not left with tons of food you are never able to finish.

En garde!

Smaller plates lead to smaller servings at a time. Everyone’s their own best judge of how much they can handle, so let your guests serve themselves. And if you did overestimate yourself… the after-holiday-season-diet tips are coming out soon, so put in a little effort, eat some more. Anyone who doesn’t finish their plate needs to drop a euro in a charity jar…

Hummy bags

Time to rethink the doggy bag, it should for humans anyway. Prepare some pots and bags for you guests to taken home. Or even better, let them bring their own storage boxes.

Don’t leave the leftovers!

If then you still have any leftovers, treasure them during the leftovers party the day(s) after. Lasagna for example, tastes even better the next day. Vegetable scraps are perfect for making stock. Freeze, refrigerate, share with the neighbours, mix veggies in a soup, …. Any trick will do, and allow you to hold on to those holiday feelings a little longer.

Feed the soil

One last (resort) tip: rescue organic material from the general waste! It is still full of nutrients your chickens, dog, pig or just the soil in your backyard will happily devour.

The FoodWIN team wishes you a…

See you next year!