Disco Soupe Louvain-La-Neuve

1er mars 2018 – Une série de trois événements de sensibilisation ont eu lieu en Grèce, au Royaume-Uni et en Belgique pour informer les citoyens sur le potentiel de la plateforme SavingFood!

1st March 2018 – A set of three awareness-raising events took place in Greece, the UK, and Belgium informing citizens on the potentials of the SavingFood platform!
Our pilot partners, Boroume (Greece), Feedback (UK) and FoodWin (Belgium) organized festivals, fiestas and Disco soups, they have prepared, served and received salads and meals made by fully edible surplus food that would have otherwise be wasted and presented the SavingFood Project and Platform!

SavingFood offers an innovative and socially responsible solution to the food waste challenge by developing an online networked community of various stakeholders that through collective awareness, knowledge sharing, motivations and incentives, will facilitate the redistribution of surplus food and leftover crops for the benefit of the vulnerable groups of our society.