Hack Bread Waste

On February 27th, Foodwin and Hack Belgium organised the first edition of”Hack Bread Waste”.  On the occasion of this event, people from diverse backgrounds gathered at Refresh for an evening to fight food waste through original and innovative initiatives!

Op 27 februari organiseerde Foodwin and Hack Belgium de eerste editie van “Hack Bread Waste”. Ter gelegenheid van dit evenement verzamelden mensen met verschillende achtergronden zich bij Refresh voor een avond om voedselverspilling tegen te gaan door originele en innovatieve initiatieven!

After an inspiration session, the participants divided into teams to create recipes made out of bread waste. Once they had their concept in hand, the hackers put it into practice by cooking and presenting their results during a pitch.

Do you like the concept of Hack bread waste? Then don’t wait any longer to join us at Hack Belgium ! Together with 1000 participants, we’re going to tackle the societal challenges we feel aren’t being taken seriously enough. Twelve challenges, touching every facet of our lives and society including food waste of course !

To learn more about the bread waste problem, we invite you to consult our factsheet and our video to share without moderation!

Your foodwin team