Why reduce food waste in your city?

Arnout Vercruysse, W13: "For building our urban food strategy, in which we want to incorporate diverse actors, we can always count on inspiring best practices that FoodWIN is involved in."

Fighting food waste is the second best solution to fight climate change!
Worldwide, we could reduce 8% of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans.

Investing in food waste reduction always generates positive returns for actors all along the supply chain.
Consumers, businesses, hospitals, schools, ... win more by wasting less.

Fighting food waste means creating job opportunitiesfeeding more people and having fun while doing it

The Food Waste Action Plan

How FoodWIN helps you become a zero food waste city:
Step 1: Diagnosis

Learn how much food goes to waste, why and in which sectors. Know the carbon impact, financial losses and quick wins.

  • Food Waste Calculator
  • Interviews with key stakeholders & SWOT analysis
  • Food Waste Measurement
Step 2: Strategy

Co-create a strategy with local stakeholders to catalyse action

  • We help set up a stakeholder platform
  • We facilitate the co-creation process
  • We help communicate about the strategy
Step 3: Action

Take action together with local stakeholders and food waste changemakers

  • We prevent food waste in hospitals, schools, canteens
  • We raise awareness to citizens
  • We stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship
  • We help your city reuse food surplus


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