From afternoon until evening

  • ***New*** Food waste conference: solutions worth spreading - This is not your usual conference. Some of the most inspiring food waste fighters take the stage for a magical act. However, don’t be fooled! Fighting food waste doesn’t require actual acrobatics or miracles. You will discover well considered tricks and skills, that with some good practice, you could master too.

  • Food Waste Fair - The perfect time and place to meet those inspiring figures that can take your food waste challenge to the next level. All while feasting on some delicacies from the best food waste candy butcher in town.

  • The Food Waste Awards - The nerve-wracking finale: Flemish actors in the food scene compete against each other in different categories. The public can vote upfront and decide who deserves the honour of best food waste fighter of 2019.

The Food Waste Fest is the celebration and spread of successful solutions to food waste. Although food waste is a complex and a regretful problem, this day proves there are ways forward. Through different formats and a festive setting, participants discover innovative and creative approaches for dealing with food waste and the people behind them.

We expect to spark inspiring conversations among a broad audience. The Food Waste Fest is where decision makers and civil servants of cities and municipalities, executives and facilitation managers of Belgian and European companies meet pioneering food waste changemakers. We also welcome all press to put frontrunning food waste projects in the spotlight.

Want to spread your solution?

We're looking for inspirational food waste fighters that want to share their solutions worth spreading.
We want the audience to become more than spectators, but rather, real food waste warriors themselves.
That's why we will support you to share your story in a way that is truly magical.
Do you have some food waste tips and tricks to share? Don't hesitate, get in touch!