Hack Bread Waste

Bread is one of the world’s favourite foods. However, bread is not only one of the most favourite foods, it is also one of the most wasted foods. In 2015 about 25% of total bread and bakery production in Flanders was lost along the supply chain, that’s about 69 million kg of bread per year. Read more information on this Factsheet Bread Waste .

In the spring of 2018 FoodWIN, Hack Belgium and other partners tackled bread waste in Flanders together. To succeed, we need your participation! How?



At Hack Belgium (26-27-28 April) we gathered ideas to tackle bread waste on a large scale and develop these ideas into viable projects or businesses. Hack Belgium is a 3-day innovation festival, where 1000 people get to co-create solutions to bread waste and many more societal problems. www.hackbelgium.be

INNOVATE, COOK, AND ENJOY! At Hack Bread Waste (26 February) a mix of bakers, entrepreneurs and foodies created innovative ideas on how to use bread waste. They cooked it and tasted. Check out the results here!


Want to join our quest to hack bread waste? Get in touch with .