FoodWIN is a team of food waste experts that collaborates with motivated actors to prevent food waste. Turning local governments, large kitchens, food companies, .. and your organisation into food waste preventing champions.

FoodWIN is a point of contact for any food waste-related question. We find the answer by digging deep into our experience and research, or by consulting our extended network.

Every food waste challenge has a solution. At FoodWIN we innovate. The solution doesn’t exist yet? We invent it!

FoodWIN is the coordinator of the Food Waste Alliance, a partnership of food waste experts, from prevention to redistribution and beyond.

Food waste prevention is the most effective strategy to reduce pressure on planetary resources. FoodWIN focuses on prevention as a strategy above redistribution or valorisation for non-human use. The aim is to fight food waste before it even happens.

FoodWIN is a holacratic organisation, working with flexible and adaptable organisational management structures. We are action-driven and care about stakeholder participation. All while having fun along the way.

Our Team

Food Waste Communicator

Are you a proud food waste fighter and want to let everyone know?
Get in touch with Elke to see how we can shout it out loud!

+32 484 96 25 19

Canteens Food Waste Stategist

Do you want to prevent food waste in your canteen? Jasmien is your contact person for advice and support!

+32 498 76 43 18

Innovation Specialist

Do you have a solution to food waste in mind, but not sure how to develop it into a solid and impactful concept?
Contact Gil, our innovation specialist, to see how we can support you!

+32 478 22 53 03

Urban food waste strategist

Is your city or municipality ready for food waste action? Get advice and support from our urban food waste strategist, Hanne!

+32 477 18 64 17

Join us!

FoodWIN is a fast-growing organisation that is a great fit for flexible and enthusiastic fellow food waste fighters.
Join us by either applying for our job opportunities or gain professional experience by interning with us. As an intern, you will be given responsibility and autonomy and you will be able to learn first-hand the daily work of a social enterprise.

For jobs: check below to see if we have a position open.

For internships: Send your CV and a letter of motivation to

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Are you a proud food waste fighter and want to let everyone know?
Get in touch with Elke to see how we can shout it out loud!