Food is for eating, right?
FoodWIN wants to make sure that food ends up on our plates again.

We support organisations that commit to preventing food waste, by offering them contrete tools and co-creating tailored solutions.
People are at the heart of all our food waste strategies. We take everybody on board, and guarantee fun along the way.
FoodWIN has worked together with a variety of actors in the food chain, such as local governments, schools, healthcare institutions, food companies, ... and many more!

FoodWIN is recognized by the European Commission as an expert in the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste. 

The team

  • Testimonial

    Gil Op de Beeck

    Project Manager

    About Gil Op de Beeck

    Gil is in charge of the financial aspects of FoodWIN and manages projects focused on innovation.
    He is also an expert in consumer food waste.

  • Testimonial

    Elke Markey

    Communication Manager

    About Elke Markey

    Elke takes care of the external and internal communication of FoodWIN.

  • Testimonial

    Jasmien Wildemeersch

    Coordinator & Expert Catering

    About Jasmien Wildemeersch

    Jasmien takes care of the coordination FoodWIN and is a project manager.
    She is an expert on food waste in canteens.

  • Testimonial

    Hanne Heymans

    Business Development & Project Manager

    About Hanne Heymans

    Hanne is FoodWIN’s bussiness developer and project manager.
    She is an expert on food waste strategies for cities and municipalities.

The Interns

 Interning with FoodWIN is a great opportunity to gain professional experience in a fast growing start-up involved in improving the European food system.
You will be given responsibility and autonomy and you will be able to learn first-hand the daily work of a social enterprise.
Our previous interns have had dynamic and formative experiences.
Are you interested?
Send us your CV and a letter of motivation to apply.