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The Food Waste-Scan

Say goodbye to food waste in your food company

Measure, Discover, Innovate

We’ve got something special in the pipeline for all Flemish food processors…

From artisanal ice cream makers to industrial fry manufacturers: we’re proud to introduce the Food Loss Scan! This tool is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Flanders’ Food, ILVO, Too Good To Go, and Circular Flanders, and it’s specifically designed to give your business a clear insight into where and how much food you’re losing, regardless of the scale or nature of your operation.

The Food Loss Scan is accessible, user-friendly, and yes – completely free. A small effort on your part can mean a big leap towards more sustainability and efficiency within your company.

The Flemish industry produced no less than 2 million tons of food loss in 2020 (Food Loss Monitor, OVAM, 2023). In other words: there’s still a lot of food to be saved! So, keep an eye on our updates and discover how the Food Loss Scan can help you on your way to a zero-waste production process.