Say goodbye to food waste in your kitchen

A journey where efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand

A triple win!

Have you considered the amount of energy, time, and money that goes into preparing food, only to end up wasting it? Imagine the savings and benefits if you could cut back on this waste significantly. In large kitchens, about a third of food doesn’t make it to the plate. Tackling this issue not only boosts your efficiency and saves money but also protects the environment—a true triple win.


Estimated annual savings on costs and food

Saving potential for food in hospitals

Average savings in residential care facilities

To achieve a waste-free kitchen

A hands-on approach

Embracing the principle that knowledge comes from measurement, we’ll dive into your kitchen operations, uncover every aspect of food waste, collaborate on an action plan, and implement practical solutions.

Measure what you treasure

It all starts with a baseline assessment to uncover how much food is lost and where. This insight helps us identify key areas for improvement and potential savings.


From there, we create a customized action plan together. The success of this plan relies on collaboration; with input from all stakeholders, we can effectively implement it.

Time for some action!

Now it’s time for action. Begin with small, manageable changes and build upon those. Assess the impact, share your successes and findings with your team and customers, and remember: keep your team motivated

Track and celebrate your achievements

Measuring the outcomes will highlight the success of your efforts, showing the reduction in food waste, financial savings, and decrease in CO2 emissions.

And now? It’s time to take control and continually raise the bar. Step by step, we’ll work towards a waste-free future!