Waste is a lack of imagination

Strengthen your team with our workshops and eliminate food waste from your menu.

From insight to impact

Have you considered the amount of energy, time, and money that goes into preparing food, only to end up wasting it? Imagine the savings and benefits if you could cut back on this waste significantly. Our masterclass, consisting of 6 modules, is designed to enrich your team with the knowledge and skills to actively combat food waste. Discover them here!

Sustainable surchasing strategies

Tackle waste at its source and learn how to green your purchasing strategy.

Portion perfection

Master the art of portioning.

Measure what you treasure

Discover how to easily measure your food waste to take targeted action.

Smart buffet management

Master the art of smart buffet management and create a sustainable, appealing, and waste-free buffet.

Waste-free guests

Learn how to inspire your guests to reduce food waste during their stay.

Waste is a lack of imagination

Food waste is full of opportunities. Learn how to reuse, compost, and more.

Food waste expert: Hospitality and canteens