A bowl of enVie soup tells a story of tackling food waste and unemployment.
How? Social entrepreneur Naomi Smith explained how partnerships are at the core of the company’s route to success in a panel discussion with two co-founding partners: Dominiek Keersebilck from REO auction, Annelies Noblesse from Colruyt Group.
Melanie Van Raaij from Innovatiesteunpunt, project partner in Food Heroe
s, the project that praised enVie with an award joins as well.

Pour yourself some hot enVie soup (you can find it in Colruyt) and check out all other keynotes & webinars on www.foodwastefest.com

This panel discussion is part of the Digital Food Waste Fest. Check out all other keynotes and webinars on www.foodwastefest.com

The Digital Food Waste Fest 2.020 was organised by the Flemish Food Supply Chain Platform for Food Loss, Interreg NWE Food Heroes & FoodWIN.