What is better than listening to music together, dancing, cooking and eating while getting to know your neighbourhood?

A Disco Soup does exactly that: it brings fun, connection, awareness around food waste, the rescue of food surplus… and of course a lot of satisfied bellies!

In june 2019, the neighbourhood of Bethaniënpolder-Auwegemvaart in Mechelen joined forces with FoodWIN and WOWfood for a Disco Soup.Our partner was STROOM, a project of the city of Mechelen that promotes circularity together with its residents. Avoiding food waste is one of their focus points.

To the funky beats, we hosted a cooking workshop to prepare delicious pasta and couscous meals from surplus vegetables that would otherwise have been wasted on farms or left in supermarkets. 

While cutting and peeling away, we brainstormed on possible solutions to reduce food waste in their neighbourhood. Through a dot voting system, the neighbours could decide what ideas to fight food waste they are most excited about.
The youngest earned a food waste fighter certificate by playing the food waste game. 

In the end, the whole neighborhood enjoyed a free and delicious meal under the sun. And the leftovers? They were taken home of course!