Privacy Disclaimer

Latest update on 16th May 2018

  • About this Declaration
    1. This privacy declaration explains how we collect, share and use information (personal data) that in itself or in combination with other information concerns you when you use our website
    2. This declaration also contains information about your rights concerning your personal data that we process and how you can exert these rights.
    3. FoodWIN takes the compliance with its privacy obligations very seriously. This is why we have created this declaration, that describes the practices that FoodWIN applies to protect your personal data.
    4. For the application of this Declaration, FoodWIN, located at Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17, 1020 Brussels and registered in the Belgian Central Enterprise Databank under the number 628.522.980. behaves as the responsible data processor  for the personal data collected on the website. As the responsible data processor, FooDWIN is responsible for making sure that the processing of personal data is in accordance with the applicable legislation on data protection, and more specifically with the General Data Protection Regulation.
    5. Please take your time to read this declaration carefully. In case you have any questions or remarks, contact .
  • What personal data does FoodWIN collect and why?
    1. FoodWIN receives this information through its presence on social media, use of the newsletter subscription form, documents relation to its activities (e.g. registration forms) and the use of the contact form on the website.
    2. Personal data are mainly processed through a secured online platform, available to the cloud service provider. Persoonsgegevens worden voornamelijk verwerkt door gebruik te maken van een beveiligd online platform ter beschikking gesteld door een cloud service provider.
    3. From time to time we can receive personal data concerning you from third parties, but only in case we have ensured that these third parties have your consent or have the legal permission or obligation to share your personal data.

The categories of personal data we can collect and the reasons why we process them are among the following:

Why we collect it Categories of personal data Legal basis
In order to:– inform you about our activities;– to contact you upon your request;to add you to are network;– to fulfill potential reporting obligations (where possible on the basis of anonymised data) The personal data comprise: “name”, “e-mail address”, “age”, “gender”, “personal characteristics”, “education and formation”, “professional occupation and position”, “memberships”, “commitments”, “contact details (phone number, email address, social media profiles) and “photo and video material”. – justified to comply with FoodWIN’s organisational goals (as described in our charter) – your (explicit) consent;– Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which FoodWIN is subject.– your vital importance (such as giving information in the case of a medical urgency)


  • To whom does FoodWIN give your personal data?
    We can share your personal details with the following categories of recipients:

    1. with our third party sellers, service providers and partners that deliver services to us for processing personal data or that at least process personal data for purposes that contribute to the goals described in this Declaration or the goals that you were notified off when collecting the data. This could contain the notification to third party sellers or service providers that we use to support us on for example the maintenance of the IT platform or supporting services, infrastructure or application services, marketing, data analysis;
    2. with each authorised law enforcement institution, with any statutory power, with any governmental institution, or with another third party in case we are convinced that sharing is necessary (i) because of a valid law or regulation (ii) to comply with our reporting duties (iii) to exert, determine or defend our lawful rights, or (iv) to protect your or another person’s vital interests;
    3. with our auditors, lawful representatives and similar agents in the context of counseling services they provide to us for justified business purposes and under contractual prohibition to use this personal data for any other purpose;
    4. to a potential buyer (and his/her agents and advisors) in the context of a sale, fusion or a take-over of a part or the whole of the organisation, on the condition that we inform the buyer that they can only use your data for the goals specified in this declaration.
    5. to any other person in case we have your preliminary consent to share this data.


  • How do we protect your privacy?
    We will process your personal data in accordance with this declaration, as follows:

    1. Decency: We will process your personal details decently. This means that we will be transparent in how we process your personal data and that we will process these in accordance with the applicable law.
    2. Linked to objectives: We will process your personal data for specified and justified objectives, and will not process these in a way that is not aligned with these objectives.
    3. Proportionality: We will process your personal data in a way that is in proportion with the objectives we are aiming to achieve.
    4. Accuracy: We take fitting measures to ensure that the personal data we poside are accurate and complete, and are actualised where necessary. It is also your personal responsibility to ensure that the personal details kept by FoodWIN are as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible by notifying FoodWIN about any changes or mistakes. You should notify us of whichever adaptation to the personal data we keep (e.g. change in address)
    5. Data Protection: We apply appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data we collect and process. The measures we apply are designed to offer a security level appropriate for the risk level of the processing of your personal data. This is amongst others, the security measures that FoodWIN if offered by the cloud service provider.
    6. Processing agents: We can include third parties to process your personal data on behalf of FoodWIN. We oblige such partners to use this personal data only according to the provided instructions and to take fitting measures to ensure the protection of the personal data.
    7. International sharing of personal data: Personal data can be share with, and processed in, other countries than the one of which you are an inhabitant. These countries may have a different legislation system for data protection from the one in your country. More specifically, our cloud services are located in Europe, and our group ventures and third party service providers and partners are active worldwide. This means that when we collect your Personal Data, we can process them in any of these countries.
      We have however taken the appropriate measures to ensure that our Personal Data is protected in accordance with this declaration.
    8. Data Preservation: We keep Personal Data that we collect from you as long as we have a justifiable need to do so (for instance, to provide you a service you have requested or to be compliant with legal obligations)
      When we no longer have the need to process your Personal Data, these will either be deleted or anonymised, or, when none of the former is possible (for example, because we keep your Personal Data stored in backup archives), then we will keep your Personal Data safely and isolate these from any further processing activity until eradication is possible.


  • Your rights concerning data protection
    You reside over the following rights regarding your personal data:
    1. In case you wish to receive access to your Personal Data, or you wish to correct, update or erase your Personal Data, you can do this at any given time by contacting us through .
    2. Moreover, under certain circumstances, you can, as specified in the applicable law on privacy protection, raise objections against the processing of your Personal Data, or ask us to limit the processing of Personal Data or request the transfer of your Personal Data. You can exert these rights by contacting us through .
    3. In case we collected and processes your Personal Data with your consent, then you can revoke your consent. The revoking of your consent does not affect the legality of whichever processing activity that we have conducted before the revocation and that were conducted on the basis of legal grounds other than your consent.
    4. Yous possess the right to opt out of marketing communication that we send you, at any moment in time. You can exert this right by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ in the marketing emails we send you. Please contact us through the contact details as mentioned above to opt out of other forms of marketing (such as post marketing or telemarketing).
    5. In case you have a complaint or concern about how we deal with Personal Data, we will do our best to address these concerns. In case you feel we have insufficiently treated your concerns or complaints, you have the right to file a complaint at an authority for data protection about our collection and usage of Personal Data. For more information, please contact your local authority for data protection. (Contact details for authorities on data protection in the European Economic Area, Switzerland and certain non-European countries (including the US and Canada) are available here.)
    6. We respond to all requests we receive from individuals that wish to exert their rights concerning data protection in accordance with the applicable legislation regarding data protection.


  • Links to other websites:
    1. The website can contain hyperlinks to websites that are the property and are administered by third parties. These websites have their own privacy policy and we advise you to consult theirs, since the use of Personal Data you share through visiting these websites will be subject to their policy.
    2. Under no circumstances do we accept any responsibility or accountability for the privacy practices of third party websites and the use of such websites is at your own risk.


  • Changes to this declaration.  
    1. This declaration can be adapted from time to time to comply with juridic, technical or commercial amendments. When we would adapt this declaration, we will take the fitting measures to inform you about this, adapted to the vital importance of the changes we make. In case and wherever required for the applicable legislation regarding privacy protection, we will ask for your consent for material amendments to this declaration.
    2. You can see when this declaration was last updated, by consulting the “latest update on” date that is shown at the top of this declaration.